Friday, September 23, 2011

What could be accomplished in 100 days?

Could I tackle this pile? What could I learn in 100 days? What should I apply from previous knowledge? Interested? Join me for the challenge!
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  1. CARA!!! I waited almost 3 months to check out Ann Voskamps book from Herrick. When I returned it, they told me there were 52 holds on it after me. It was like a refreshing drink for my soul - I was so excited to see FCS having it for 50% off. :) Needless to say... there are some new books in our house!! lol

  2. Ruth, You are so right. Ann Voskamp's book has been very dear to me. I was given a copy as a gift, and it hasn't stopped blessing me. I'm not a "highlighter-person" but in order to really grasp the poetic truths I have marked it all up!
    What else are you reading now??