Tuesday, October 4, 2011

L3 Challenge Day 12

I've been learning a lot about true joy, thanksgiving, and grace as I read "One Thousand Gifts" and the sentence that has struck me the most lately is:

"Gratitude for the seemingly insignificant -a seed- this plants the giant miracle."

Choosing to be grateful is choosing to live. Choosing to say thanks is choosing to breathe life. Joy can only come to the living.

I love fully living because of what Jesus has done to my heart. Being the temple of the Holy Spirit is a wonderful miracle & I am grateful to be involved.

I love that in Acts 5:20 the angel tells the apostles to go and tell all the words of this full Life.

Full Life. He didn't say go do miracles or prove the consistency of scriptures prophecy (both of which they did as well) but he told them just go tell them about your Full Life.

Life. Gratitude. Joy. All & only because of Jesus.

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